Technical Support

We understand that customers are very concerned to the quality of the products, that's why we do not just sell concrete, but we also offered a strong commitment to continue producing quality concrete.
Besides central laboratory, all batching plant which operate always equipped with standard laboratory that serves to be able to do the testing of concrete and testing the raw material properties refer to the standard.
As an effort to provide service and trust to customers, testing activities are part of QA and QC management system that is intended for internal purposes such as quality monitoring activities and quality improvement of concrete products and raw materials.

Service and Facilities:

  • Standard laboratory in every plant for raw material testing
  • Crushing machine test (compresive dan flexural)
  • Hammer testing equipment, coring and other test field equipment.
  • Central laboratory for more detailed testing and for product development
  • Technicians labor are skilled, experienced and reliable in testing
  • Technical service personnel who can provide feedback and advice regarding methods and foundry work
  • We provide reports and results analysis of material properties testing of internal laboratorium and independent laboratory that conducted regularly

Type of Tests:

  • Product Trial mix based on the grade of compressive strength.
  • Compressive strength and flexural strength testing.
  • Raw material testing include: density, gradation, the levels of sludge, organic content, density, moisture content.
  • Field testing: slump test, temperature, yield test, coring and hammer test.

Technical Service Charges:

  • Internal testing at the Pionirbeton laboratory is not charged.
  • Testing in the independent laboratory are charged according to the prevailing price in every laboratory.

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