• Safety and Health

    As a growing company with a vision of global expansion, PT. PIONIRBETON INDUSTRI constantly implement K3LH applies to all internal and external operational activities.
    A number of activities in order to implement K3 such as Safety Talk, Safety Inspection and Safety Driving Training, these activities consistently done in order to achieve the conditions of K-3 standart.

  • Safety Policy

    • Always apply the appropriate policy based on the law and regulations.
    • Keep the K3 program implementation commitment and promote the importance of K3 awareness on every levels within the company.
    • Conduct the risk control according to the nature and scale of the work/equipment to create a safe working environment, safe and healthy.
    • Training programs and make improvements of K3 program continuously.


  •  Environment

    As a company with environment vision PT. PIONIRBETON INDUSTRI also performing control on some aspects that cause pollution potential, such as: dust pollution control, waste water management, fuel and oli waste management, noise pollution control, solid waste control from the rest of the concrete.
    Implementation and evaluation of environmental impact control program.

    Remaining Production Solid Production process Not Dangerous Collected and then taken by the third party Aesthetics & Environment
    Domestic Rubbish Solid Activities of the office Not Dangerous Collected at the polling station Aesthetics & Environment
    Liquid Waste Production Liquid The process of washing Non B3 Accommodated in a settling basin Degradation of water quality
    Liquid Waste Domestic Liquid MCK Not Dangerous Septic tank Degradation of water quality
    Dust Particulate Production process Dangerous Using masks Respiratory disorders
    Noise Sound intensity Production process Dangerous Using Ear Plug or Ear Muff Hearing disorders


  •  Community

    PT. PIONIRBETON INDUSTRI constantly trying to improve the program for creating a harmonious working relationship with the surrounding environment through CSR.

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