As a tailor made the appropriate clothes for their customers. We strive to understand and meet customer needs for products for the specific needs of certain structures.
TIGHTCRETE is concrete that designed specifically for the needs of water resistant structure with specific characteristics of impermeability and density.
Impermeability can be achieved by adding a waterproofing additive that reacts chemically with other concrete material.


  • Meet the SNI 2847-2013, ACI 318 Standard
  • Concrete Quality K350 or higher
  • Low absorption (< 3 %, absorbtion test refer to BS1881)
  • Low permeability (<5 cm, per-meability test refer to DIN1048)
  • Agregate size 10 mm – 20 mm
  • Flowable slump 550 - 650 mm


  • Walls and basement floors
  • Tank and compartment
  • Pipe and tunnel
  • Roof
  • Pool
  • Silo


  • Strength and endurance - made according to the better specifications of strength and endurance because of the density and impermeability.
  • Material - easy to work because it is included in the category of flowing concrete. Consistent dose because it is computerized weighed.
  • Working cost - more efficient because it does not need a special applicator for waterproofing work.

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