Ultimate High Early Strength Concrete produced exclusively for the specific purposes that require faster open traffic. a structure can be passed technically within 6 hours after the work is completed with FASTCRETE.
The solution for the jobs where time becomes very important to avoid negative effects for the public's convenience as a result from development or improvement of some facilities.


  • Meet the SNI 2847-2013, ACI 318 Standard
  • Concrete quality K350 - K400
  • Max concrete strength is achieved within 6 hours - 72 hours (depending on needs).
  • Aggregate size 10 mm – 20 mm
  • Flowable slump 550 - 650 mm


  • High traffic road and toll road structures repair
  • Bridges and fly over repair
  • Airport runway repair


  • Strength and endurance - made according to the specifications of strength and endurance that assigned by planner for faster open traffic purpose.
  • Working time - Reduce the impact of traffic disruption due to road closure related to the foundry work.
  • Costs - More efficient than using non-shrinkage package product and reducing the economic impact that could result from roadblocks or traffic disruption.

PT Pionirbeton Industri