The spirit and sensitivity to the concept of environmental sustainability is a challenge that we respond by offering a product that has a good performance, innovative and also environmentally friendly.
The other solution that offering ease of work, economic, and environmentally friendly is EASYCRETE product, future of concrete that is easy to applied with a very good performance.
EASYCRETE is a Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) that developed specifically for moderte compressive strength quality with muddy ability that can fill every cavity structure so it can produce dense concrete surfaces without segregation.


  • Meet the SNI 2847-2013, ACI 318 Standard
  • Concrete Quality K250 - K300 or higher quality
  • Aggregate size 10 mm - 25 mm
  • Flowable slump 550 - 650 mm


  • Expose structure
  • Complex architecture
  • Dense structure
  • Precast concrete
  • Mass pouring concrete
  • General purpose (house, road and brigde)


  • Strength and endurance - made according to the specifications of strength and endurance better than the standard.
  • Material – it can fill every cavity structure due to muddy ability to flow properly to produce solid surface.
  • Working time and cost - more efficient because it is not needed vibrating tool, fewer workers, and the faster completion time.
  • Eco friendly - does not require additional power for the vibration tool to compact the concrete.

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