Concrete Treated Base (CTB)


Concrete Treated Base (CTB) is the base material for the flexible pavement structure (asphalt) and it can also be used as a sub base material for concrete pavement structure. With the different size of aggregate composition, Rolled Compacting Concrete (RCC) is similar product that are applied to special requirements structures such as dam.
CTB is generally used for particular structure that require stronger sub base structure, while RCC is used for massive structures without joint control.
Besides concrete we can also produce CTB and RCC for specific projects that can be mass produced at the batching plant, an added value that we can offer to meet all customer needs.


  • Meet the SNI 2847-2013, ACI 318 Standard
  • Concrete quality K 250 at the age of 90 days
  • Aggregate size 10 mm - 40 mm
  • Slump 0 mm (zero slump)


  • Base flexible pavement
  • Sub base rigid pavement
  • Dam


  • Strength and endurance - made according to the specifications of better strength and endurance to the structure of the base and sub base.
  • Material - fewer need for cement and fine aggregate, does not require joint control.
  • Working time - faster utilities for flexible pavement work.

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